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Humane Artificial Intelligence: The Challenges of Privacy and Social Cohesion

September 24-27, 2020

East-West Center, Honolulu, HI USA

This symposium is part of an intercultural, intergenerational, and interdisciplinary East-West Center (EWC) initiative aimed at engaging the societal challenges and opportunities that are emerging with advances in artificial intelligence, robotics, machine learning and big data. The purposes of the initiative are: to establish an ongoing forum for exploring differences in understanding the goal of aligning artificial intelligence with human values and societal wellbeing; to foster globally-shared commitments to equitable and humane artificial intelligence; and, to engage emerging perspectives on the evolving interplay of people, artificial intelligence, and related technologies.

The symposium will combine plenary lectures, thematically-framed small group discussions, and cooperative brainstorming in a spirit of thoughtful conviviality. In response to the complexity of the issues raised by artificial intelligence—socially, economically and politically, as well as ethically—and in keeping with EWC commitments to the value of diversity, applications to participate in the symposium are welcomed from within academic, scientific, business, policy-making, activist and artistic/expressive communities.

 Those accepted as symposium dialogue partners will receive: 

  • lodging in the EWC guesthouse, Lincoln Hall
  • a travel stipend up to $1000 USD
  • All participants are invited to an opening reception and final dinner on the EWC campus.

All dialogue partners are expected to attend and participate in all symposium sessions and produce a short “white paper” (up to 2,500 words) on how to proceed with meeting the goals of the initiative/symposium by November 15, 2020. For more information on the rationale, format and goals of the symposium, please visit our website.

Instructions for submitting your application: Create a Submittable account today to see the full application and apply to join the symposium as a substantive dialogue partner! Please refer to the symposium website prior to completing this form. 

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